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The MEGAFILEs Atari ST Podcast

Dec 26, 2021

So you got an Atari ST? (Maybe for Christmas too! :) ) 

Great choice! This episode will explain what you need to get started using your Atari ST computer. You will need a display, a mouse, and a storage device to get started.

Errata: UltraSatan was designed by Miroslav Nohaj, not Miro Kropachek. I apologize for any confusion this may have caused.

Show Note Links
Monitor Replacements

15khz wiki -

ST-to-VGA monitor adapters
Centurion Technologies -
Exxos Store -
Best Electronics -

OSSC retailers
Video Game Perfection -

SCART cable
Cool Novelties -


TT030 Tenox VGA adapter
Github page -
Legacy Pixels Shop -

Falcon 3-in-1 adapter
Exxos Store -

Mouse Adapters

Wireless Mouse Adapter
Github page -
Lotharek Shop -
Retrohax Shop -
Retro Lemon Shop -

Retrohax Shop -
Retro Lemon Shop -

Floppy Drive Replacements

HxC Floppy Emulator
HxC Author’s Main Page -
Lotharek Version F -
Lotharek HxC Max -
Retrohax Shop -
Retro Lemon Shop -

Preparing a generic GOTEK drive for the Atari ST (YouTube video)-

Centurion Technologies -

Pre-Configured Atari ST GOTEKs Search on EBay

FlashFloppy Firmware Website
Github -

YouTube video on How to Create a Drive A/B Switch

14-pin DIN Atari ST floppy cable adapters

Hard Drive Replacements

Inventronik ACSI-SCSI adapter

TOS 1.04 ROMs
B&C Computervisions 2-chip set -
B&C Computervisions 6 chip set -
Exxos Store -

Hard Disk Drivers

HD Driver

PPutnik Driver

ICD Hard Disk Utilities Pro
From Jookie’s Ultrasatan Page -


SD-Based Hard Disk Adapters

Jookie’s (the Designer) Ultrasatan Page -
Lotharek Shop -
Retro Lemon Shop -

Github website -
Seller on Atari-Forum (“Masteries”) -

Robert Matyschok ACSI2SD Webshop

Interial Computing -

RaSCSI GitHub site

Inventronik -

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